World Fisheries Day – Celebrate Victoria’s sustainable fishing industry!

World Fisheries Day – Celebrate Victoria’s sustainable fishing industry!

A powerful story has been released by the Seafood Industry Victoria, presenting a strong, united message of solidarity from the Australian seafood industry. The video has been developed with the goal of industry supporting their mates’ in need. The seafood industry is standing up and presenting itself to all Australians, calling on political leaders to stop using the seafood industry for political expediency.

World Fisheries Day is the day we celebrate the sustainability of Victoria’s fishing industry and support the hard working fishers and broader supply chain who provide Victorians with fresh, local seafood every day. Victoria’s commercial fisheries have been operating for over 170 years and have an excellent record in regards to sustainability and environmental management.

“Victoria’s commercial target species are sustainable and consumers can be extremely confident that when they purchase fresh Victorian seafood they are supporting local jobs and a local sustainably managed fishery” said Mr Johnathon Davey, Executive Director of Seafood Industry Victoria. “And we are committed to continuing to work on a sustainable approach to the management of Victoria Fisheries.”

“Victoria’s commercial fishers work hard to bring fresh local seafood to service local markets, which supply the multi-billion dollar restaurant and catering industry to ensure consumers have the choice of the freshest local seafood.” said Ms Barbara Konstas, CEO of the Melbourne Seafood Centre.

“We need to remember that there are a large number of Victorians who either choose not to, or are unable to engage in recreational fishing and catch their own seafood. These consumers rely solely on the commercial seafood industry to provide a stable supply of sustainable, fresh local seafood” commented Ms Konstas.

Video courtesy of SIV

Source: SIV