Volcano 3000 compact and reliable industrial pressure cleaner

Volcano 3000 compact and reliable industrial pressure cleaner

Unlike other Industrial pressure washers in its class, the Volcano 300 only uses the 12 volt charge from the special Honda GX270 Recoil start engine to Power the complete unit, including the boiler fan motor and ignition relays; opposed to the 240 volt circuit and battery combination traditionally used in industrial hot and cold pressure washer units.

Pumps Australia has specifically designed the Volcano 3000 for small or part-time contractors, cleaning contractors, councils, hire companies and farmers without access to 3 phase power.

The Volcano 3000 takes into account the ease of maintenance. Having the boiler coils inverted to the top of the diesel fired boiler (which has never been done before); high pressure water passes in and out of the top of the boiler unit, allowing electrical devices to be removed from the underneath of the boiler assembly allowing thermostats, flow switches and inlet and outlet water connections and housings to be protected from damage that usually occurs by moving the unit around sites and in transit. By effectively re-locating these electrical devices above the base of the frame into a cleaner environment it prevents early corrosion, allows for easy inspection and quick and easy maintenance.

With no inverters, no circuit boards and no generators in sight, Pumps Australia has developed a proven circuit design, clever wiring and electrical components to ensure the unit is of industrial quality & reliability of operation.

Pumps Australia’s Volcano 3000® was a finalist of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition for the OEM category.

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