Victorian agribusiness must be priority in 2017-18 State Budget

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched its pre-budget submission to the State Government, outlining nine key recommendations that are vital to ensure success for Victorian businesses in 2017-18 and beyond.

A key recommendation of the Victorian Chamber’s submission is for Victorian agribusiness to be the next priority in the State Government’s small business regulation review. The Victorian Chamber believes this must be done through a complete review of regulatory burdens facing those operating in the agribusiness sector.

Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chief Executive Mark Stone AM said specific reforms to red tape should be identified and implemented to support the industry.

“Victoria’s is known to be a producer of high quality food and fibre and simplifying regulatory processes must be promoted and prioritised to enable business expansion,” he said.

“Our state’s agribusiness producers have indicated that costly and unnecessary red tape needs to be addressed if we are to enable them to be more competitive at home and abroad.

“We must improve the regulatory process for agribusiness producers so it is not as complex and inconsistent as it currently is, across all three levels of government. If regulation is simpler and easier to navigate, our state will benefit from more innovation and business startups, and lift our reputation as a premium agribusiness producer.”

The Victorian Chamber is delighted that one of its longstanding recommendations, the North East Link, has already been committed to prior to the budget being handed down.