Top talent for Tin Shed Talks

Some of Agriculture Victoria’s top talent will tackle tricky topics at the Mallee Machinery Field Days at Speed.

Agriculture Victoria has lined up a number of key speakers for its well-known Tin Shed Talks series, a feature of the Mallee Machinery Field Days which will be held on 2 and 3 August 2017. Staff will present on a range of topics including climate, crop diseases, bees, soil moisture, animal health and more.

Dr Joshua Fanning and Luise Sigel, representing the Agriculture Victoria Horsham field crops pathology group, will be covering a number of topics in their talks.

Ms Sigel will speak on cereal and pulse foliar diseases and why they need to be managed.

“If there are emerging issues, we will also discuss those,” Ms Sigel said.

“There will be pathology staff at the stand both days for anyone wanting to bring in their unhealthy and dead plants.”

Dr Joshua Fanning will be speaking on soil-borne diseases including root lesion nematodes, cereal cyst nematodes, crown rot, take all and rhizoctonia.

Joshua will tackle the yield losses from these diseases, their management and how prevalent they are in Victoria.

“We are already seeing samples with soil-borne diseases across the Mallee and Wimmera,” Dr Fanning said.

“Unfortunately, nothing can be done in season, but farmers can prepare for next season if they know the diseases are present.”

Other Agriculture Victoria staff on the speaking program include Dale Boyd, who will discuss soil moisture levels; Veronica Campbell, who will talk about how Agriculture Victoria can assist livestock owners; Anna Lalusis-Derks on ovine brucellosis; and Jessica Hartland, who will speak on bee biosecurity.

There will also be a pre-recorded session from Dale Grey, who will give his unique take on most farmers’ favourite discussion point – the weather.

Agriculture Victoria’s displays and talks can be found at Site 130 at the Mallee Machinery Field Days at Speed on 2 and 3 August 2017.

Source: Vic Government