Tips for a top performing lawnmower

Tips for a top performing lawnmower

Having a great-looking lawn requires the right tools and proper maintenance. Properly maintained landscaping equipment will also reduce potential accidents. Whether it’s oil changes or keeping blades sharp, frequent TLC will ensure your mower lasts even longer.

Pre-operation checks

Always perform an inspection before you start up your mower. Look at the owner’s manual before you begin working and regularly check engine oil level, blade condition and that the safety guard and/or grass catcher is secure. Also make sure that the throttle is working smoothly.

Keep it clean

A little bit of scrubbing goes a long way. Use neutral soap solutions and rinse thoroughly. Before you start work, familiarise yourself with all safety precautions. Always wear gloves to clean a blade.

Use fresh fuel

The performance of your lawnmower is affected by the quality of the fuel you use. Unleaded petrol can deteriorate rapidly in storage, which may affect the working of your machine. Keep a small can of fuel on hand for your mower and try to replace or refresh it each month.

Change your oil and check oil filters

Your lawnmower will thank you for clean oil change. It’s best to drain your engine’s oil after every 50 hours of operation. Likewise, your oil filters will need to be replaced at least once a year.

Sharpening your blades

Keeping your blades sharp is essential if you want an evenly cut lawn. Before you look at or touch your blade, make sure the spark plug is disconnected. Then tip your mower on its side to check the blade. If it looks blunt, cracked, bent or dented, it’s time for a new one. Otherwise, you can give it a clean and sharpen. A squirt of WD-40 on the blades stops grass from sticking to them.

General cleaning and care

The cleaner you keep your machine, the sharper it will perform. Keep a soft brush and a thick cloth right where you store your lawnmower and you’re more likely to make the effort to use them each time. This will make sure your mower keeps going much longer.

There’s a lot you can do to keep your machine in safe operating condition. Your Honda Power Equipment Dealer is best placed to service your machine on a regular, ongoing basis.

Honda’s HRU19M1 & HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck mowers are on sale from $799† and come standard with a 4-Year Domestic Warranty*. With the right maintenance and regular servicing, they’ll work as hard as you for many years to come. There are 400+ authorised Honda dealers spread across Australia, specially trained to deal with Honda’s premium lawn & garden range.

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†Savings based on RRP $899 for HRU19K1 and RRP$939 for HRU19M1. Offer ends 31/03/17 or while stocks last.

*4-Year Warranty applied to Domestic use and does not apply to engines sold as separate units.