Series 08 Stump Jump

Series 08 Stump Jump

If your ground is uneven, roughly cleared or contains light stony areas then the flexible Murray series 08 Stump Jump Harrow is the secondary tillage implement to consider.

Ruggedly constructed using High Carbon Steel, the floating stump jump action is a time tested agricultural implement.

Suitable for breaking down clods, final seed preparation of ground and levelling pugged up or packed down heavy pasture country, Stump Jump’s are also ideal for use in the preparation stage of vegetable growing and weed control.

Each Stump Jump section is attached to the drawbar by four hitching points – one ahead of each row of tines, to ensure true tracking and correct stump-jump action.

Sets complete with drawbars range from coverage of 1.72mm (5’8”) to 8.63m (28’4”).

Available as a Lift Type set utilising our Series 21 Three Point Linkage Hoist Frame for ease of transportation.

Set includes Front Lift Drawbar, Harrow sections, Rear Lift Drawbar including Lift Clips and Hoist Frame.

Murray Agricultural Equipment is an Australian agricultural implement manufacturer. Their products are available through all reputable farm machinery dealers.

Murrays’ can be reached on (03) 9791 7033. Visit their website for more information.


  • Four Point Pull
  • Harrow weight 41kg (90lb)
  • Coverage 0.86m (2’10”)
  • Tine Spacing 44mm (1 ¾”)
  • Tine Length 197mm (7 ¾”) approx
  • Centre to Centre of Front Hooks 222mm (8 ¾”)
  • 5 Ranks, 20 Tines