Series 06 Spring Tine

Series 06 Spring Tine

The Series 06 is a medium duty Spring Tine Harrow System popular with farmers for levelling operations in conjunction with primary and secondary tillage implements.

Series 06 Harrows employ double spring tines available in Kinked or Straight Tines, both 10mm in diameter.

The tine angle is adjustable to suit your field conditions.

3 rank and 4 rank versions are available in three sizes ranging from 1.37 (4’6”) to 2.28m (7’6”).

Murrays’ also manufacture an extra wide 14” (335mm) Rank Spacing Straight Tine units which seeks to provide superior trash flow handling capabilities.

Manual lifting has been eliminated with harrows able to be folded and travel with the principal implement.

Murray Agricultural Equipment is an Australian agricultural implement manufacturer.

Their products are available through all reputable farm machinery dealers.

Murrays’ can be reached on (03) 9791 7033.

Visit their website for more information.

•    Tine Spacing 75mm (3”) 3 Rank, 56mm (2 ¼”) 4 Rank
•    Tine Diameter 10mm Kinked or Straight Tine
•    Tine Length 450mm (17 ¾”) approx
•    Rank Spacing 235mm (9 ¼”) STD 3 & 4 Rank or 355mm (14”) Extra Wide 3 Rank Only
•    1 Mount Arm per unit except for 2.28 (7’6”) Units which have 2 Mount Arms per unit