RedGum Silver Edition Log Splitter

RedGum Silver Edition Log Splitter

RedGum offers a splitting edge solution.

With a massive 3,000 psi of splitting force, the RedGum Silver Edition Log Splitter is guaranteed to split any type of wood! This unit is powered by a Honda GP200 engine, which carries a generous 2-year domestic warranty; RedGum matches this warranty, also offering a 2-year warranty on any manufacturing flaws.

The RedGum Silver Edition Log Splitter has the ability to split in both vertical & horizontal position, meaning that you do not have to strain your back lifting a large piece of wood onto the machine, simply flip the machine into the vertical splitting position and roll the large piece of wood onto the base plate – giving you an easy split every time.

RedGum have also put their money where their mouth is and say that the RedGum Silver Edition Log Splitter will split any type wood or your money back – How is that for a quality guarantee!

Some additional features are:

  • High performing 2 stage hydraulic pump
  • 4 1/2-inch hydraulic ram
  • 24″ Maximum log length
  • 6-inch-wide flange beam with log cradle to keep the log on the beam without operator assistance
  • Wedge axe head with wedge wings and a taper to make splitting easier
  • Front and rear support legs for stability
  • Standard 50mm front tow hitch
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • 2-year warranty on the RedGum log splitter

All RedGum Products come fully assembled in Australia from the highest quality components. In fact, every RedGum Splitter is assembled, tested and ready to go to work, when you pick it up from your local RedGum dealer.

The RedGum Silver Edition is a log splitting solution that you can rely on to deliver reliable and fuel efficient performance, year in, year out.

RedGum log splitters are available at over 100 dealers throughout Australia. For more information or to inspect the RedGum Silver Edition Log Splitter, visit your local RedGum Distributor – you can locate your local distributor at:

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