QUTeX Insights Agribusiness Whitepaper

QUTeX Insights Agribusiness Whitepaper

QUT presents the QUTeX Insights Whitepaper, providing a detailed discourse on the Agribusiness sector in Australia.

The report discusses how the sector is one of the best placed in the country for the longer term, as a result of the robust foundations of the industry, that has resilience and innovation at its core.

The report outlines critical success factors and opportunities for SMEs, including a focus on technology; advanced business models; growth of export markets; market-oriented product focus; and, the development of technologies and systems to take advantage of favourable weather conditions and mitigate less favourable ones.

In order to continue to grow and flourish in the Australian agribusiness environment of the future, farmers need to be savvy, forward-thinking, and innovative businesspeople.

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Source: QUT