Powerful rechargeable lighting for the industrial professional

Powerful rechargeable lighting for the industrial professional

Working on commercial and industrial job sites, it is paramount to have the correct lighting when engaging in the task at hand – as a matter of professionalism as well as safety.

Ledlenser are proud to announce the arrival of the economic and ecological i-Series of commercial torches and headlamps, designed specifically for the industrial professionals of the world.

The torch range features the i6R, i7R, i9R and i9R-Iron, which are German Engineered to be precise by expertly bundle the light that they produce. This is thanks to the impressive homogeneous and defocused light cone – one of the many upsides of the Advanced Focus SystemTM(AFS).

AFS combines both the lens and reflector to unite the advantages that come with both systems, to provide you with the best of both worlds.

For unparalleled control, these torches feature Speed Focus, which allows for one-handed quick modification of the light cone, whilst the Fast Lock enables secure locking of the focusing position. And on top of being precise, these torches are extremely powerful, with the i9R-Iron reaching up to a whopping 260 meters of beam distance and up to 400 lumen.

Alongside being practical and powerful the i-series torches are extremely durable, thanks to their robust metal housing and IPX4 spray-water protection coating, which makes them ideally suited for the working day – no matter the conditions.

The i-Series headlamps are no less impressive: both the iH6R & iSEO5R feature high-end power LED’s that work in harmony with Ledlenser Smart Light Technology As an added bonus, both headlamps also boast the Advanced Focus System, to further ensure maximum levels of control on-site.

To top it all off; the i-Series feature revolutionary Safety-Ytrion-Cell technology batteries which allow for 5,000 charging cycles and low self-discharge – this makes for up to 35 hours of charge after only two hours on the charging base – so you’ll be saving time, money and the planet.

The Ledlenser i-Series is a stylish, functional, economic and ecologically friendly collection of lighting accessories, perfect for anyone working in an industrial setting.

Their reliability and premium design quality will continue to impress long after their first use.