Potato grower using social media for mental health

Potato grower using social media for mental health

Victorian potato grower is using social media to ensure the next generation of growers is able to share industry research and knowledge and increase awareness of mental health-related issues.

The Young Potato People (YPP) networking group was founded by Thorpdale potato grower Stuart Jennings (pictured) with support from crop protection company Adama to help young potato growers connect with each other and improve communication. The group has expanded to help young growers build better relationships with like-minded industry members.

“YPP is a fantastic initiative that is helping up-and-coming potato growers become more aware of industry research and the benefits it can have for their business,” said AUSVEG spokesperson Shaun Lindhe.

“The YPP is also an important tool that uses Facebook and Twitter to raise awareness of mental health issues for the industry’s young members and help encourage growers to share their experiences with others in a supportive environment.”

“It is important for the industry to tell the stories of growers who are successful, innovative and socially responsible to encourage others to consider new practices and embrace change.

“Stuart has demonstrated all of these traits in his adoption of social media to ensure young growers are aware of the latest developments in industry research and also create a community that offers support and guidance for young growers who can often feel isolated and be hesitant to seek help.”

This story was first published in Leading Agriculture magazine.

Featured Image: Stuart Jennings