Peerless Air Compressor

Peerless Air Compressor

Peerless can handle the pressure.

With over 55 years in manufacturing quality products, Peerless now have unsurpassed quality guarantees on their entire range of air compressors and provide the best service in the industry!

With a super quick recovery time, you will never have to wait for pressure to be delivered to your tool. The Peerless P17 Under/Over can fill its twin 8 litres tanks in 7 seconds, and be delivering pressure directly to you straight away! When you think about it 7 seconds is roughly the same amount of time it takes you to pick it up off the ground!

With a low duty cycle, you are guaranteed direct air to the tool when needed; and when the tool is not in use the Honda GX200 engine returns to idle, saving you fuel. The P17 Under/Over is also 45% more fuel efficient, than standard methane engine powered air compressors, meaning more money back in your pocket.

Delivering a massive 350 litres of air per minute, you can be certain that you will have power when and where you need it the most, no waiting around wasting time for tanks to fill so you can get the right pressure delivered to the tool.

The Peerless P17 Under/Over is becoming increasingly popular with tradies and those in mining settings. The beauty with this machine is that it can be directly mounted to the back of a ute and driven around to practically anywhere; giving you portable and reliable air pressure in the most difficult of places.

The slow revving Honda GX200 engine delivers consistent and constant stable power to the unit guaranteeing that you will always have air when you need it, without having to sacrifice fuel economy or performance.

An electric and remote start are optional extra’s to assist getting the job done quicker and easier.

With an impressive 10-year warranty on the twin 8 litre tanks and a 5-year warranty on any manufacturing flaws on the Peerless pump you will never have to worry about the reliability of this little unit. In addition to this the Honda GX200 engine is also backed by a 3-year warranty, and with a national network of dealers, you can rest assured that there is always service support for your Honda engine nearby.

For more information or to locate your local Peerless stockist visit: or call 03 5434 4200.