Onga Firepod

Onga Firepod

Firepod – the best in portable water solutions.

Onga has been servicing the Australian market with the highest quality water movement products for over 40 years. Now integrated into the global Pentair group – Onga has access to a global product portfolio, expanding its range significantly to meet the demands of the harsh Australian conditions.

The Onga Firepod is a fully portable and completely equipped engine drive pump and 400 litre tank package with both a suction and discharge hose fitted. This provides a front line approach against ember attacks or spot fire outbreaks, as well as affording a general purpose portable water supply, transfer or irrigation source.

With a strong and durable construction, the Firepod is definitely designed with portability in mind; using lightweight yet high grade corrosion resistant materials is just further piece of mind that the Firepod will stand up to the test of time.

Ideal for ember attacks and firefighting, the Firepod is easily transportable on the back of a trailer or ute. But it is not a one season wonder, it can also be used for general water transfer, tank filling and dust suppression.

A large pump casing with a raised suction port and inbuilt non-return valve provide superior priming capabilities, so you can rely on the pump to start every time, no worries.

A generous 400 litre tank with a built in suction hose and strainer, ensures that you will have ample water supply and not need to worry about debris jamming in the impellor, that would cause the pump to stop working when you need it most.

With a long 30 metres of hose and a pump with a maximum head of 65 meters, you can effectively fight fires from a safe distance.

To learn more about preparing your property for the fire season and further information on reliable products that will ensure that you can rely on your firefighting plan visit: or call 1300 137 344.

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