New local roads funding boosts Grampians’ agribusiness

The Victorian Government is helping growers in Horsham Shire Council’s agriculture sector get goods to market more quickly through its Local Roads to Market program.

The Government has contributed $226,000 toward the cost of upgrading the Wonwondah-Dadswell Bridge Road – a key freight link that connects farming and agribusiness on the western side of the Grampians National Park to the Western highway.

Funding from Local Roads to Market will help reconstruct, seal and widen 1.94km of road to enable heavier vehicles to safely pass each other.

Local Roads to Market is a key pillar of the Government’s Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund (AIJF) and supports rural, regional and outer-suburban councils to improve the connections between the farm gate, receival points and markets.

In its National Road Asset Reporting Pilot, Infrastructure Australia emphasised the importance of addressing ‘first and last mile’ access problems, noting, “restrictions on heavy vehicle access on smaller roads at the beginning and end of journeys can damage the overall productivity of the task.”

Round one of Local Roads to Market is funding 30 projects, worth $22.2 million, across 27 local government areas.

Tight intersections, narrow and gravel roads and low load bridges are a frustrating barrier to primary producers and food processors who want to move their products off to market as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

The funding will be used to seal local dirt roads, widen intersections, strengthen bridges and upgrade strategically significant country arterials.

Source: Vic Government