New community deer monitoring tool launched

New community deer monitoring tool launched

FeralScan has more than 15,000 registered users across the country who use the free resource to monitor and evaluate their management programs. It currently hosts more than 100,000 records.

A new feature of the popular FeralScan website and App, DeerScan, now allows people across Australia to report deer in their local area, and the damage they cause.

DeerScan was developed in response to rising concerns from farmers, landholder groups and the community about the negative impacts of deer.

Andreas Glanznig, CEO of the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions said “we are hearing more stories of landholders being impacted by deer and members of the public are concerned about deer damage within national parks and protected areas, so it was important we provided an easily accessible and free product for people to report sightings”.

“DeerScan links communities across Australia with government agencies, allowing us all to take action collectively and collaboratively. It is an imperative part of our Centre’s large research collaboration into deer management,” Mr Glanznig said.

Why use DeerScan?

Reports from the public will help develop detailed knowledge of where and how deer are using the landscape, point to problem areas, and allow us to better target management strategies to reduce their impact on the environment and communities.

Southern NSW beef producer, Ted Rowley, has commended the new approach to reporting deer.

“We need to know more about the distribution, density and rate of spread of deer – they are a serious and persistent threat to our cattle business,” Mr Rowley said.

“Deer are already causing agricultural production losses, damaging the environment and remnant vegetation, and pose a hazard to motorists on our local roads. Wild deer have been listed as a priority pest in all 11 NSW Local Land Services regional pest animal management plans.

“I will be using DeerScan regularly and hope other land managers use it to help focus resources for appropriate and effective management.

“All land managers need to work together to reduce deer problems,” Mr Rowley said.

Where can you download DeerScan?

To report deer sighting, their impacts and management, simply visit or download the free FeralScan App from Apple and Google Play.

“Anyone can use the DeerScan website and the free FeralScan App. All information will be managed discretely, and the exact locations of deer sightings will not be made available to the public.”

The FeralScan digital platform is funded through the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions with financial and in-kind support from the Australian Government, NSW DPI and Australian Wool Innovation.

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