National agronomy conference comes to Ballarat

Agriculture Victoria researchers will present their latest work at the upcoming Australian Agronomy Conference next week in Ballarat, 24 to 28 September 2017.

Agriculture Victoria’s Dr Chris Korte, who is also the President of Agronomy Australia, said the event was the key meeting place for agronomists across the country.

Dr Korte said Agriculture Victoria was a conference sponsor, along with the Grains Research Development Corporation (GRDC), and a number of its researchers would be presenting.

“The Agronomy Australia National Conference supports research and connects agronomy communities across Australia,” Dr Korte said.

Agriculture Victoria researchers will cover a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Professor Roger Armstrong (Horsham) – Can subsoil amelioration improve the productivity of grain production in medium-high rainfall environments?
  • Dr Kirsten Barlow (Rutherglen) – Improving the relationships used to define frost damage to wheat in crop models
  • Audrey Delahunty (Irymple) – Does available water buffer transient heat stress effects in lentil?
  • Katherine Dunsford (Horsham) – Do differences in yield components explain poor grain yield responses to Phosphorus fertiliser?
  • Ash Wallace (Horsham) – banding between rows of the growing crop, using precision guidance provided by satellites.

Plus Hamilton’s renowned Crop Doctor, Frank Henry, will be presenting on viruses in spring-sown dual-purpose canola in the high rainfall zone of southern Victoria.

There will be talks on matching radiation characteristics with crop architecture to maximise radiation-use efficiency in the high rainfall zone, frost response in wheat, nitrogen translocation to grain in wheat under elevated carbon dioxide and why our models need amendment.

Dr Korte said the department’s agronomists were attending the conference, and presenting their latest findings.

Source: Agriculture Victoria