Mouse bait supply set to increase

Victorian grain producers will soon have more resources to battle the spreading mouse plague wreaking havoc with winter crops.

The Victorian Farmers Federation has advised its members that mouse bait supplies are set to increase with the importation into the Australian market of the raw chemical constituent used to mix the bait.

“We understand there has been difficulty sourcing and importing the raw chemical into the country, including finding adequate supplies and then meeting the required import protocols,” VFF Grains Group President Ross Johns said.

“Grain Producers Australia has been working to ensure there’s a sufficient supply of bait. They’ve also been lobbying to ensure sufficient supply of the base chemical for manufacturers to meet increasing demand.

“We now understand that increased supplies of the mixed bait should be available soon to enable mixing.”

It’s expected the South Australian agricultural and seeds provider AG Schilling & Co will stock the bait, where it will be mixed and then distributed through an agent in the Horsham area.

The VFF understands the bait will be unsterilised, cleaned (gravity tabled) wheat, treated with zinc phosphide and indicatively available at $2.90/kg.

Source: VFF