More sweet jobs for Cobram in fruit packing expansion

The Victorian Government has helped secure family owned and operated Cobram fruit packing operation JV Orchards, creating an additional 15 jobs and safeguarding the existing workforce.

With assistance from the Victorian Government, JV Orchards will invest $900,000 in the expansion of its Cobram fruit packing and export facility in a win for local jobs and the prized horticulture sector in the region.

Established in 1992, JV Orchards is a family run fruit growing, packing and cold storage business which supplies domestic supermarkets as well as the ever expanding South-East Asian market.

The expansion will secure 14 existing jobs, create an additional 18 jobs during construction – resulting in a total of 15 new jobs upon completion.

The new positions will include machinery operators, as well as quality control, logistics, administration and maintenance roles.

The upgrade will significantly enhance the capacity, productivity and competitiveness of the facility and will create further export revenue from the Cobram region.

The project includes investment in new fruit handling and packing facilities, additional cold storage facilities and improved facilities for employees.

The upgrade will enable the company to meet domestic and export demand peaks including Chinese New Year.

Through its $500 million Regional Jobs and Infrastructure Fund, the Victorian Government is supporting projects that make regional and rural Victoria a better place to live, work and invest.