Meat supply chain will remain open with worker restrictions

The Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has announced, that the meat supply chain will remain open, which includes meat processing, smallgoods manufacturing, wholesaling and cold logistics, with operating restrictions. Independent local butchers will continue to remain open. This is part of the Victorian Premier’s industry management across Victoria to reduce the transmission of coronavirus.

The Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) has been advised that these restrictions, which take effect at midnight on Friday 7 August (2020), includes meatworks moving to 33 percent reduction of peak workforce, and increase the utilisation of PPE, temperature testing and other COVID-safe work interventions, most of which were already in place in all Victorian processors prior to this announcement.

“AMIC has been lobbying tirelessly on our member’s behalf to ensure that we remain as an essential service in the supply of food,” said AMIC CEO Patrick Hutchinson.

“The impact of these restrictions in Victoria, AMIC believes will lead to a 30 percent reduction in supply chain throughput overall, based on discussions with our membership.

“It is our opinion that this will lead to a reduction in saleable meat in the Victorian community,” he said.

AMIC welcomes the Victorian Premier’s announcement on August 2 2020, and confirmed again on August 3 2020, that independent retail butchers will remain open across greater Victoria, being recognised as an essential service. 45% of independent local butchers and wholesalers supply essential services, including nursing homes, hospitals or hotels.

AMIC would like to reiterate to all Australians that our members are committed to producing high quality and safe products. According to the World Health Organisation, other international health and food safety authorities, as well as both Australian and New Zealand Governments, there is no evidence that you can become infected with COVID-19 through food or food packaging.

Source: AMIC