Local roads funding boost for South Gippsland farmers

Local roads funding boost for South Gippsland farmers

South Gippsland farmers are set to get produce from farm to market more efficiently with the announcement of the Victorian Government’s Local Roads to Market Program.

Victorian Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development Jaala Pulford announced nearly $800,000 toward the cost of upgrading important agricultural transport routes in the region.

Local Roads to Market is helping fund the widening and sealing of 7 km of Labertouche North Road and the reconstruction of Powneys Road Bridge.

Labertouche North Road is used by local dairy, beef, agriculture suppliers, emergency services vehicles, and residents, but is an unsealed gravel road in poor condition that poses serious safety concerns.

Powneys Road Bridge is a timber deck bridge no longer suitable for dairy and cattle farmers using heavier vehicles and will be replaced with a 14m-long concrete bridge.

Local Roads to Market is a key pillar of the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Infrastructure and Jobs Fund (AIJF)  and supports rural, regional, and outer-suburban councils improve the connections between the farm gate, receival points, and markets.

The Victorian Government recognises that first and last mile accessibility is integral to meeting Victoria’s freight task.

Round one of the Local Roads to Market is funding 30 projects throughout regional and rural Victoria to the tune of $11.5 million supporting $22 million, worth of works covering 27 local government areas.

The funding will be used to seal local dirt roads, widen intersections, strengthen bridges, and upgrade strategically significant country arterials.