Lightweight jackhammer for harsh Australian environment

Lightweight jackhammer for harsh Australian environment

Christie Engineering’s Jackhammer brings the consumer reliability, lightness, quality and superior customer service.

Christie Engineering is an Australian based engineering company who are internationally renowned for their innovation and high quality equipment that stand up to the harsh Australian environment.

The newly designed lightweight jackhammer is intended for the construction industry, specifically builders, concreters, plumbers and tilers. Perfect for those sites that are difficult to use 240V tools, due to stringent rules on tag and test/safety, which has added costs to using an electric powered unit, it also saves dragging around a generator to those sites where power is not available.

The Christie Jackhammer is a natural development of Christie Engineering’s internationally renowned “Christie Post Driver”. Using the same impact energizer components as the petrol post driver, the creation of a jackhammer was a natural progression.

Powered by the gutsy, ultra-lightweight GX35 Mini 4Stroke efficiently delivers the kind of powerful, quiet performance that you’d expect from a larger engine – but in a very compact package.

Currently there is a gap in the market for petrol powered jackhammers. The top end models are very expensive and quite heavy and the cheaper end of the market is flooded with overseas units with very little after sales support or quality control.

Christie Engineering’s Jackhammer falls into the niche between these two segments; to bring the consumer reliability, lightness, quality and superior customer service at a reasonable price.

Chrstie Engineering Jackhammer® was a finalist of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition for the OEM category.

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