Know your natives from your invasive weeds, anytime, anywhere

Have you ever stood in the paddock and wondered ‘Is that serrated or silver tussock’, but had no one around to ask?

Not knowing the right answer could have a devastating impact on your farm.

Luckily, getting the right answer has been made a whole lot easier with the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party (VSTWP) releasing a new set of online services to help with on-the-spot weed identification.

The services include a new Facebook page and YouTube channel, providing information and support to landowners and managers on the noxious weed.

The YouTube channel currently features a range of videos about how farmers can identify serrated tussock, what the VSTWP does, plus case studies featuring landowners who have been battling serrated tussock.

Serrated tussock is a type of perennial tufted grass, native in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Peru.

It is on the list of Weeds of National Significance in Australia, as it can have a devastating impact on agricultural production, including reducing productivity of pastures, invading native grasslands, and creating a fire hazard.

VSTWP Community Engagement Officer Ivan Carter said the new Facebook forum would encourage the community to discuss different treatment options, share their success stories, and ask for assistance on best practice management.

VSTWP Chair John Burgess said he encouraged anyone who had not yet visited and liked the Facebook page or YouTube channel to explore the resources and services available.

“The Facebook page will allow landowners to stay updated with instant access to the latest research, videos, achievements, and best practice management available,” Mr Burgess said.