Keep your Honda a Honda

Keep your Honda a Honda

When investing in a Honda product, you want it to be able to perform like a Honda product. So why would you use non-genuine parts and compromise your products reliability, quality and performance? You wouldn’t.

Using Honda Genuine parts and oils is the safest way to ensure your Honda will last over the time of your investment, and work like your Honda product should.

Cost over the life of the product

Everyone wants to reduce their total cost of ownership when making an investment which is why it’s important to use Honda Genuine parts and oil’s to ensure your product works as it should over its lifespan. Although you may save some money buying non-genuine parts now, what will the real cost be in the future?

Honda-genuine-partPerformance, reliability and quality

Using non-genuine parts will increase the chance that your product won’t work as it should and when it is needed. If you have invested in a Honda Pump, it’s crucial that it works during a flood or fire season, however using non-genuine parts to save money during a service could mean your pump won’t do its job when required.

Some parts and accessories may also not meet Australian standards, which will compromise the performance and reliability of your product. Using a non-genuine blade on a Honda lawnmower means you won’t get the same superior cut as you would using Honda Genuine parts. Using a non-genuine blade could also compromise the safety of the product as the blade may snap or fly off as it hasn’t been tested to Honda’s stringent quality control standards; non-genuine parts also may not consider the specific specifications of the Honda product.

Using Honda Genuine parts and oil’s ensures the proper functionality of the product, and decreases the chance of injury or safety hazards. Your product will also perform to a high quality and you won’t be caught out with a product that doesn’t perform in a time of need.

Handy tip

Honda dealers can tell if a product is a Honda Genuine product or a non-genuine product by looking at things like typos on the product labelling, incorrect modifications or serial number mis-matches. Visiting an authorised Honda dealer when purchasing or servicing your products ensures Honda Genuine parts and oils are used and your product will perform to its optimum capacity.



Honda Genuine products are always being improved for better performance so using non-genuine parts may not be the same as the current, up-to-date version. Honda Genuine products have been tested to Australian specifications, however non-genuine parts may not be tested on products with up-to-date improvements, compromising on the reliability, functionality and safety of your product.


Getting a regular service on your product is also important in preserving the life of your investment. Visiting one of the 400 + authorised Honda dealers located around Australia will ensure that any parts replaced or used on your Honda, are Honda Genuine parts and oils.Honda-genuine-part2

When you’re getting your Honda product serviced or a part replaced, it’s always a good idea to ask that Honda Genuine parts and oil’s are used. This will ensure that the product performs just like new after every service. Take the Honda Genuine Oil Slinger from a Honda mini 4-stroke engine. Based on aero technology, this oil slinger spins to create a micro-mist that lubricates the engine of a Honda brushcutter, blower or hedge cutter and allows it to be used at any angle – even upside-down. But what’s really remarkable is that a contractor using his brush cutter 4 hours per day for 200 days a year will have sent his slinger and piston travelling more than 19,968km. That’s halfway around the world – all without skipping a beat. That’s why you should always insist on Honda Genuine parts and oil’s when servicing your Honda.

Support and peace of mind

Purchasing Honda Genuine parts and oils means you can have peace of mind that you will receive support from knowledgeable and passionate Honda staff and that your Honda product will work like a Honda product should. Flawlessly.

All Honda Power Equipment products come with a warranty. Using Honda Genuine parts and oils gives you security and support from Honda dealers, and means you are protected for the life of the product warranty.

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