Jetwave Raptor Jnr

Jetwave Raptor Jnr

Jetwave’s Raptor Jnr can handle the pressure!

Jetwave is truly imagining a cleaner world with the newest edition to their range, the Raptor Jnr.

The Raptor Jnr can push out an impressive realistic 11 litres per minute at 3,000 psi, the cold water petrol powered unit is ideal for cleaning pavements, car yards, farming equipment, vehicles and decks.

The neon yellow high visibility formed steal cover safeguards the heart of your investment, the Honda GP2000. The Honda engine is a petrol powered 4-stroke unit, which means that you do not need to mix fuel and oil and you do not need a ridiculously long extension cord to reach those isolated areas – effectively reducing safety hazards.

With an ergonomic telescopic soft grip handle, you know this little gem will be easy to store and transport. It will also be gentle on your body when moving the unit around.

The trolley configuration adds another level of ease of use to the unit, enabling you to take it practically anywhere. It also has built in tie down points so you know transporting it will be easy and damage will be prevented when moving the unit around. Durable and innovative anti-corrosion nylon bearings and puncture proof tyres mean that the trolley configuration will never let you down.

Smarter and quieter the Raptor has six anti-vibration dampers that allow for quieter performance. It contains a Triplex Interpump piston plunger pump which equates to commercial reliability. This is all wrapped into a heavy duty zinc steel chassis – so you know this machine will definitely stand the test of time.

Additional features include a 15 metre hose that is up to 20 times more abrasion resistant than your typical rubber pressure washer hose.

The Raptor Jnr was released to the public in May 2017.

Want to learn more about the Raptor Jnr? Reach out to the Jetwave sales team on 08 8371 3599 or

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