Investment in dairy research a win

Investment in dairy research a win

Victorian Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford and Dairy Australia Chair Geoff Akers (pictured) have announced joint State Government and Dairy Australia funding for DairyBio – a research initiative that will deliver new innovations in forages and dairy herd genetic improvement.

This move by the Victorian government to join with the national Research and Development Corporation for the dairy industry to jointly invest $45 million from July 2016 to June 2021 in a strategic partnership for innovation in dairy bioscience, that will drive ongoing improvement in productivity and profitability for this crucial Victorian and national primary industry.

“The investment in DairyBio will generate an estimated $2.5 billion from 2016 to 2041 in nation-wide returns for producers with associated economic benefits including jobs in regional communities. In this sense the joint venture is ultimately excellent news for dairy farmers right across Australia, not exclusively those farming here in Victoria,” said Ms Pulford.

Dairy bioscience continues to provide the best option to substantially improve the key resources of pasture feedbase and herd for the dairy industry. Bioscience breakthroughs and applied learning in both these vital areas increase the yield, quality and persistence of pasture and enhance the productivity of our cows.

“Cutting-edge research is crucial if Australia’s dairy farmers are to continue building profitable and sustainable businesses long into the future, and I am delighted the research investment announced today will generate returns for dairy farmers and the broader industry from 2016 to 2041,” said Mr Akers.

“The international market opportunities for Australian dairy are growing and DairyBio will ensure those opportunities will be underpinned by scientific expertise,” he added.

Building on dairy bioscience developments achieved by the Dairy Futures Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), and given the CRC funding is set to lapse, this new bioscience initiative between Dairy Australia and the Victorian Government ensures the excellent work being conducted by our scientists at the AgriBio facility at Bundoora will continue for maximal impact for our dairy industry.

“The Australian Government welcomes this significant collaboration in dairy research and innovation between Dairy Australia and the Victorian Government,” said Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP Federal Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources.

“The Australian Government invests in agricultural research and development which is why the Commonwealth is proud to invest $22.3 million in matching research funds to Dairy Australia enabling it to enter into this exciting DairyBio joint venture.”

Featured Image: Geoff Akers

This story was first published in Leading Agriculture magazine.