Hybrid TT canola offers greater value to growers

Hybrid TT canola offers greater value to growers

Australian canola growers are set to get more value for their money if they plant a particular hybrid triazine tolerant variety.

The producer of Hyola canola, Advanta Seeds, announced that the country’s most widely-grown TT hybrid, Hyola 559TT, will be sold in 2018 at a reduced suggested recommended retail price of $21.50 per kilogram (ex-GST).

Advanta Seeds canola business manager, Justin Kudnig, said this provides substantial savings to growers and allows them to take advantage of the many benefits of hybrid TT canola over open pollinated TT canola.

“Hyola 559TT is Australia’s most proven and widely-grown hybrid TT canola and this value pricing offer for 2018 provides growers a much more attractive buying position against other hybrid TT canola and also when purchasing OP TT canola seed,” Mr Kudnig said.

“If we use an example of a grower who plants Hyola 559TT at 2.5kg/ha, seed cost would now be $53.75/ha, compared to purchased OP TT seed sown on average at 3kg/ha using $16.50/kg, which then costs approximately $49.50/ha.

“With some leading OP TT varieties attracting an End Point Royalty of $5/t and for any growers harvesting over 1t/ha, the final cost of the purchased OP TT seed investment would be over $54/ha.”

Mr Kudnig said this puts the hybrid, Hyola 559TT, at a very competitive pricing level for growers and further enables growers to capture all the additional agronomic benefits of a hybrid.

“The extra benefits over OP TT varieties include up to 50 per cent extra in-field weed suppression, much higher genetic blackleg rating of R-MR with triple-gene resistance groups ABD, and also a much lower likelihood of additional costs of fungicides being required for blackleg management.

“Independent research across Australia has also shown more reliable top-end yield potential and consistent performance from Hyola 559TT over most OP TT varieties in areas that yield above 1.5t/ha.”

Growers can now contact their local agronomist, consultant, advisor, reseller or Advanta Seeds company representative for more information on this new value pricing initiative.

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Image: Advanta Seeds canola business manager Justin Kudnig