Honda HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck Lawn Mower

Honda HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck Lawn Mower

The HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck lawnmower is ideal for medium lawns and the residential user.

Residential Lawn Mower

The HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck is lightweight and easy to push with a sleek, rust-proof alloy deck.

Honda’s unique Auto Choke feature allows you to conveniently run the HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck without needing to adjust the choke or engine throttle.

More Features

The HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck features a high-quality aluminium alloy cutting deck, designed to prevent rust and corrosion; a polypropylene, snap-on fitting so you can connect your hose and easily clean under the deck; and Honda’s Engine Brake Technology, meaning the blades and engine stop within three seconds of releasing the handle.

60 Years of Honda Technology

Powering the HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck with reliable, consistent power is the GCV160 Honda engine, which features overhead valve and overhead cam technology.

You can fill up your HRU19K1 with the same regular unleaded that you put in your car, which means there’s no messy oil and fuel mixing involved.


The HRU19K1 Buffalo Buck comes standard with a 4-Year Domestic Warranty*, and with the right maintenance and regular servicing from an authorised Honda dealer, it will work as hard as you for many years to come.

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*4-year warranty applies to Domestic use only and does not apply to engines sold as separate units