Honda HRS216PKU Lawn Mower

Honda HRS216PKU Lawn Mower

Featuring many of the Honda technologies that users know and love, the HRS216 Side Chute Lawnmower has a great price tag and is perfect for the residential user.


The HRS216 features a durable steel 21-inch cutting deck, with 6 cutting heights available. It also features ball-bearings in the rear wheels and is lightweight, so it’s easy to manoeuvre around.

Safety matters

An added safety feature on the HRS216 is Honda’s Engine Brake technology, which allows for the engine and the rotating blades in the mower to stop within three seconds of releasing the handle.

Distinction in design

What makes the HRS216 stand out is its distinctive side chute design, allowing your grass clippings to be returned and rejuvenated straight back into the soil. The side chute also removes the need for you to use a catcher bag.

Powered by the best

The HRS216 is powered by the all-conquering Honda four-stroke GCV160 overhead cam engine; The premium residential engine is the lightest in its class, and incorporates Honda’s Advanced Four-Stroke Technology in its design.

The HRS216 runs on regular unleaded petrol, so it will operate powerfully and quietly.

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