Honda HRE370 Lawn Mower

Honda HRE370 Lawn Mower

The HRE370 combines 60 years of Honda engineering with the best in electric-powered technology, resulting in the perfect tool for domestic users with small, suburban lawns.

Environmentally and user friendly

A perfect example of Honda’s supreme technology and reliability, the HRE370 is a lightweight, innovative and easy to use mower. Keeping your back yard clean as well as the air around you, this mower doesn’t emit any fuel or exhaust fumes.


Mowing the lawn can be a time consuming task, but with the HRE370 getting started is made easy as you only need to plug the mower into a wall socket and you’re off!

No petrol? No worries!

With a whopping 1.3kW electric motor, no petrol is required. Cutting small areas is a breeze with the HRE370’s dynamic and compact design it’s easy to keep your lawn looking clean.

Piece of mind

With a 4 year warranty and trusty Honda dealers just a call away, you have piece of mind that your Honda HRE370 is the right investment for you!

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