Honda GX660 V-Twin Engine

Honda GX660 V-Twin Engine

Honda V-Twin engines offer higher horsepower, improved adaptability, quiet operation, and greater fuel efficiency.

Honda’s V-Twin range of engines power pressure washers, water pumps and commercial lawn and garden equipment across Australia.

The GX660 V-Twin can also be found in tillers/cultivators and other agricultural equipment, generators and in many different applications. It’s also used in the Forestry and construction/industrial industries.

It features a digital CDI ignition system with variable timing, as well as a forged steel crankshaft and insert style rod bearings for efficient operation. There’s also a rev limiter to protect against damage from over-revving. A hemispherical combustion chamber delivers rapid combustion, and it features Pressure fed crankshaft bearings.

Add a two barrel inner-vent carburetor for more precise fuel metering and a 9.3:1 compression ratio, and you’ll be generating high power output without the need for premium fuel.

The GX660’s high capacity pump facilitates consistent oil delivery, and a handy Oil Alert will keep you posted if you look like running dry.

There’s a dual cylindrical air filter, and a large diameter air intake on board for superior cooling.

All Honda V-Twin Engines are covered by a Honda 3 Year Domestic & Commercial Warranty.

Honda has a network of over 400+ authorised dealers around Australia, so should you need parts, accessories, or maintenance done, you’re not alone.

For more information on Honda Power Equipment products, head to their website.