Honda GX200 Engine

Honda GX200 Engine

Professionals rely on the GX200 to deliver reliable, easy starting, fuel efficient performance, day in and day out.

The GX200 is used in all sorts of applications, from pressure washers and construction/industrial equipment, to tillers/cultivators, agricultural equipment, water pumps, generators and commercial lawn and garden equipment.

The GX200’s Precision Camshaft design offers precise valve timing and optimal valve overlap for better fuel efficiency.

It draws on decades of Honda engineering with its OHV design, delivering increased efficiency and optimal power transfer for where you need it.

The GX200’s ball bearing-supported crankshaft, cast iron cylinder sleeve, Helical cut gears and precision engineered components result in greater stability and lower vibration.

The use of lightweight, noise-reducing materials and a forged steel crankshaft and rigid crankcase results in an exceptionally quiet engine that incorporates a large capacity, multi-chamber exhaust system.

The GX200 is covered by an extensive Honda 3 Year Warranty, relevant to both Domestic and Commercial applications, so you can rest assured with the knowledge that your GX200 is built to last.

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