Government assistance for Murray Goulburn workers

The Victorian Government is supporting retrenched dairy workers in the Indigo and Campaspe Shires affected by Murray Goulburn’s down-sizing.

Following recent discussions with impacted workers, Victorian Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development Jaala Pulford announced $50,000 for each council to undertake community economic development planning.

The Victorian Government will also allocate $80,000 to allow the Victorian Planning Authority to develop a structure plan for the township of Tangambalanga.

The plan will be developed in close partnership with the community and will set out a clear direction for growth and development, boosting local job prospects and the economy.

The planning will identify priority actions to help manage the economic impacts of the facility closures, and develop investment attraction strategies to grow the local economy.

The Government will also extend the Rural Skills Connect Program by 12 months in the Murray Dairy region to support the community working groups of Tangambalanga (Kiewa) and Rochester.

These measures are a direct response to requests from the Indigo and Campaspe Shires, who are suffering from the staged closures of the Murray Goulburn manufacturing factories.

In addition to initiatives announced, the Victorian Government continues to support impacted dairy workers with its comprehensive $18 million dairy support package with industry.

This includes extending the ‘Supporting Workers in Transition’ workshops, identifying potential employment opportunities and extending the ‘Back to Work’ program to assist prospective employers to retrain Murray Goulburn staff.

Source: Vic Government