Gentech Generators

Gentech Generators

Gentech is pleased to announce the two newest editions to the Gentech Inverter range the EP88i and the EP34if.

These Australian designed inverter generators are tough, safe, versatile, portable, and reliable.

Gentech EP88i Generator

Working closely with alternator manufactures has allowed Gentech to perfect pure, clean and smooth sine wave electricity in conjunction with the Honda engines that power the units. This development in mechanical technology ensures that these generators are perfectly suited to run sensitive equipment including TV’s, computers, and charging smart phones; in fact, the power that these generators produce is actually cleaner, smoother and more stable than that of a general household power socket.

So how does this work? Essentially the inverter converts the DC power from the generator to AC power needed for most appliances. To accomplish this the inverter takes the consistent DC voltage and converts it to a sine wave that moves above and below 0 volts. Generally, the smoother the wave the more consistent the electricity that is produced.

Most standard generators produce something similar to a modified sine wave which is fine, but the power is somewhat inconsistent and can surge and fall causing damage to some appliances. A pure sine wave generator produces power more stable than that produced by the grid with absolutely no surging or dropping of voltage.

To learn more about Gentech’s reliable generators visit or call 1800 284 699.

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