Flexible, hands free iPad and tablet stand

Flexible, hands free iPad and tablet stand

Launching in Australia, the Goos-e: is an extremely flexible tablet holder designed for the iPad allowing it to be used anywhere and in any position.

The Goos-e has been created to give a stylish hands free solution that allows optimal tablet use for every day tasks.

“The tablet has become an essential part of our lives. People use an iPad for various business and entertainment purposes. At work we often use a tablet as an extra screen, while using them at home for relaxation. It is nice to have your hands free and to place your tablet in any position. The Goos-e makes this possible without any of the stress. Offering consumers a solution to enable them to use their tablet in any place and in any position, such as in bed, on the treadmill, cooking, reading or watching a movie, we are offering a modern day solution to a modern day lifestyle, “says Geertjan Vorstenbosch, designer of Goos-e.

The foot is designed for stability and the flexible arm enables the Goos-e is easy to use in any position. The adjustable knob and the arm can rotate the tablet 360 degrees, giving unparalleled flexibility with the Goos-e almost anywhere. The foot can optionally be replaced with the handy 2-way terminal. The tablet can be easily attached to a tabletop and even a round or straight edge.

Goos-e is available in six colours, allowing users to choose the style that best suits themselves and their interior. The compact design of the Goos-e also means that it can be transported anywhere. The Goos-e is suitable for most types of tablets. Different sizes are available.

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