Feeding on nutrition knowledge

Feeding on nutrition knowledge

Sheep producers need to understand the nutritional requirements of their flock if they want to maximize profits.

A series of forums sponsored by the Wimmera Farming Network will be held in September 2017 in the Wimmera to allow producers to boost their knowledge of sheep nutrition right through the production cycle.

Agriculture Victoria land management officer Heather Drendel said it is important that producers know their sheep are receiving the right feed quality and quantity.

“We are always keen to provide information to sheep producers which make their flocks more profitable and productive,” Ms Drendel said.

“This forum will provide valuable information for producers to help improve sheep management.”

The keynote speaker is San Jolly from Productive Nutrition, whose company provides information on livestock nutrition and management systems. Ms Jolly has comprehensive knowledge of ruminants, their requirements and management, which she applies practically.

Topics to be covered include weaning, joining and lifting fertility rates, as well as lambing in containment areas and how to make that a success story.

Ms Drendel said the forums were free but producers needed to book in.

“We like to bring information to producers so they can make the best decisions possible for the health and profitability of their sheep,” she said.

“Spring and summer can be critical times for sheep producers so they will be able to go into these periods armed with the latest information.”

The sheep updates will be held at Stawell on September 5 2017, Horsham on September 6 2017 and Telopea Downs on September 7 2017.

For more information, contact Heather Drendel on 03 5083 2205

Source: Agriculture Victoria