Farmers selected for industry-leading project

Farmers selected for industry-leading project

Tongala farmers Tim and Lyndal Humphris (pictured) and Yarrawalla farmers Don and Meg Stewart and Kelvin and Shelley Matthews have been selected as the two partner farms in Murray Dairy’s three-year Accelerating Change project.

The project focuses on the accelerated adoption of research and technology to boost home grown pasture, improve pasture management and utilisation and to support the efficient application and use of irrigation water to reduce seasonal feed deficits.

Accelerating Change Project Manager Amy Fay said the project will increase dairy farmers’ access to information on the opportunities of faster adoption of research and technology into farming systems, strengthening production and growing profitability.

“The research and technology will be applied directly onto the two partner farms, spot-tested on 30 satellite farms and extended to 380 participating farms in the Murray Dairy region,” said Ms Fay.

“We are very excited to be working with these innovative farmers.

“Tim and Lyndal’s farm is an excellent example of a low-cost, efficient and well laid-out conventional gravity system with Padman outlets, which will be applicable to many dairy farmers in the region.

Tim Humphris said he and his wife have a strong interest in innovation and technology.

“We have begun to use soil moisture probes to improve irrigation management over perennial pastures and maize to increase water use efficiency as well as feed production,” said Mr Humphris.

“Don and Meg’s farm, which is operated with their sharefarmers Kelvin and Shelley, is an excellent example of a modernised system that has already incorporated the latest technology on farms, which many farmers in the region would aim for,” said Ms Fay.

Don Stewart said their farm has been upgraded to a pipe and riser system with full automation.

“We hope that through this project will we will able to expand our use of soil moisture probes and more closely align individual paddock growth and utilisation with irrigation and other input application to drive efficiency and profitability,” said Mr Stewart.

For more information on the Accelerating Change project visit the Murray Dairy website: