Export lift for Victorian summer fruit growers

Victoria’s lucrative summer fruit exports to China and Malaysia have been given a significant boost, thanks to a funding initiative from the Victorian Government.

A $100,000 Victorian Government grant helped industry association Hort Innovation deliver an eCommerce marketing campaign to the two key markets between January and March.

The initiative is expected to help increase our summer fruit exports to China by 200 per cent, and increase our reach in Malaysia to more than 1 million consumers.

The grant is part of the Government’s $15.7 million Export Recovery Package, which includes funding to support industry initiatives that promote Victorian exports using eCommerce channels.

Victoria exports $100 million of summer fruits annually – 80 per cent of the nation’s total summer fruit exports. China is the biggest market, with Malaysia in the top 10.

Hort Innovation is an industry-funded body with a track record of delivering successful international marketing campaigns on behalf of growers under the Taste Australia banner.

The Victorian horticulture sector has more than 3,700 business with a farm-gate value of around $2.4 billion, making it a major contributor to the Victorian economy – particularly in regional and rural areas.

According to the 2019-20 Victorian Food and Fibre Export Performance Report, Victoria is on track to reach its target to grow food and fibre exports to $20 billion by 2030.

China continues to be Victoria’s highest value market for commodities such as horticulture and dairy, while South East Asia is increasingly important with exports to this market growing by 8 per cent last financial year, driven by strong demand from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Victorian Food and Fibre Export Performance Report is available at agriculture.vic.gov.au/exports. More information about the Export Recovery Package is available at global.vic.gov.au.

Source: Vic Government