Dry times can still be productive

Planning to be proactive rather than reactive is the key to remaining productive in a dry season.

A seminar addressing this topic will be held at Ararat in July 2017, where producers will discuss ways to manage in dry seasons.

Agriculture Victoria livestock extension officer Neil James said it was important to make plans which could be put into action if the season did turn out to be dry.

“It’s still a pretty good season but we have had a dry June 2017,” Mr James said.

“Thankfully our district did have rain in April 2017 which has carried us through a bit and while we could do with rain, we are not desperate.

“But it is always important to be prepared, so you can be proactive on what the season brings, rather than reactive.”

A range of expert speakers will address key topics including; nutrition of ewes, lambs and wethers in and out of containment areas; assessment of the grain market and options; animal health, water management planning and a climate update by Agriculture Victoria seasonal risk agronomist Dale Grey.

Mr James will be presenting a session on the principles of pastures and grazing management in years of low rainfall.

Some of the key outcomes from the day will include the ability to calculate the nutritional requirements for livestock, pasture persistence, identifying seasonal health issues, and marketing grain.

Mr James said the range of topics would provide people with a good reason to come and listen.

“They might come to listen specifically to one speaker but then end up gaining knowledge on a totally different topic,” he said.

“Staying productive and profitable in low rainfall seasons” will be held at the Ararat Chalambar Golf Club on 25 July 2017, from 10am-3pm. The event is free and lunch is provided.

This event is funded by Agriculture Victoria and Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority through the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Source: Agriculture Victoria