Drillmaster for tough timbers

Drillmaster for tough timbers

Atom has more than 50 years experience in the design and manufacture of chainsaw drill attachments for hard timber. Hundreds of thousands of units have been sold worldwide over the years.

Atoms product knowledge, gained over many years, has resulted in the new Engine Powered DRILLMASTER.

The Drillmaster is powered by a burly Honda GX25 or GX35 depending on the RPM that you want the auger to put out; being powered by a Honda engine means that it will start every single time effortlessly and can be relied on to perform day in and day out!

The Atom Drillmaster is the world’s first engine drill with an automatic reverse gear. The new design (patents pending) is based around operator safety.

The idea behind this is if the drill suddenly reacts due to the auger binding or jamming in the timber, that the operator throttle control, automatically moves to the idle position, effectively allowing the operator to maintain total control over the drilling operation.

Designed and manufactured specifically for the hardest of Australian timber the Atom Drillmaster is perfect for farmers and contractors mainly for fencing (particularly with a 32mm auger for barbed wire) and other wood constructions.

The Drillmaster has a self locking collar that prevents the auger loosening during use; and also drills holes faster than any other drill due to the Drillmasters unique auto reverse system and higher engine power.

Atom Industries Drillmaster® was the proud winner of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition for the OEM category, with the creation of the world’s first 4-stroke engine powered drill with automatic reverse gear; essentially safeguarding the operator against injury and reducing the likelihood of the auger snapping as it is specifically designed and manufactured for the hardest of Australian timbers.

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