Digital Roundtable to focus on accelerating new tech

Harnessing the benefits of new on-farm technology and ensuring Victoria is at the centre of online and digital innovation will be the focus of the first Digital Roundtable.

Victorian Minister for Agriculture and Regional Development, Jaala Pulford, will chair the roundtable discussion bringing together farmers, technology experts, and industry leaders.

In the agriculture sector, new technology continues to make advances and is having a revolutionary impact on productivity and efficiency gains for Victoria’s farmers and agribusiness supply chain.

The application of robotics, precision agriculture, sensors, GPS trackers, and other digital technology is helping shape the future of agriculture—and the roundtable will provide the perfect platform to explore how industry and government can continue to collaborate and capitalise on the opportunities.

A priority for the Victorian Government is identifying the opportunities and barriers to mobile and broadband connection, a key theme expected to be explored during the roundtable.

The Victorian Government is continuing to back primary producers in their application and adoption of new technology. Recently, agricultural and aspiring agribusiness entrepreneurs were given a shot in the arm thanks to a $1 million investment in Sprout X.

SproutX Pty Ltd is a joint venture between the National Farmers Federation and financial services firm Findex and is set to be a new Victorian-based Agri-tech business accelerator and national collaboration network for innovators in Australian agriculture.

The Digital Roundtable follows the Climate Change Adaptation Roundtable held recently. The roundtables form a pivotal part of the Victorian Government’s work to leverage and further Victoria’s nearly $13 billion agricultural industry.