Diamond harrow series 04 – Improve your moisture penetration

Diamond harrow series 04 – Improve your moisture penetration

Suitable for open country and lighter loamy soils, Murray Diamond Harrows are an effective implement used for weed control and final seedbed preparation.


Specialising in shattering soil crusts allowing improved aeration and moisture penetration, it will give your crops every chance of reliable germination and subsequent vigour.

The Diamond frame design is constructed using flat bar material providing the Harrow with strength and rigidity. It features replaceable ‘bolt-in’ 16mm square section High Carbon Steel tapered tines with a working depth between 50 to 80mm (2” to 3”).

Murray diamond harrows are supplied in sets complete with drawbars, ranging from 2 sections 2.03m (6’8”) to 10 sections 10.16m (33’4”).

Lift type sets using our 3 point linkage hoist frame (Series 21) are available, making transportation of your harrows easy and convenient. The complete set is comprised of a front lift drawbar, harrow sections, rear lift drawbar and 3 point linkage hoist frame (Series 21).


  • Two front hooks for simple and fast hitching
  • Harrow section weight 30kg (66lb)
  • Coverage 1.016m (3’4″)
  • Tine spacing 51mm (2″1)
  • Tine length 152 mm (6″) approx
  • Centre to centre of front hooks 508mm (20″)
  • 5 ranks – 20 tines