Davey Remote Start Firefighter®

Davey Remote Start Firefighter®

Protect your livelihood from wherever you are.

The risk of a bushfire is a harsh reality in Australia, and more often than not farmers and primary producers stand to lose the most when a bushfire strikes!

When most people think of loss incurred by a fire they think of their house and its immediate surrounds, their contents and memories that will be destroyed forever.

Yes, this is devastating, however for primary producers and farmers the reality is much more stark. Primary producers and farmers stand to lose their livelihoods and that means everything. Their homes, their properties, livestock, crops, machinery, and so much more that is relied upon to support their families, all gone in a matter of minutes.

Davey have come to the rescue, with the invention of the new Remote Start Firefighter® which is powered by the innovative Honda iGX270 engine.

This pump is the first off the shelf unit allowing the user to activate the pump via a text message. This means that you could be on the other side of Australia and engage the pump to start, all the way back home!

Put quite simply, the Remote Start Firefighter® system switches on and off via a mobile phone SMS command using the Telstra 3G network across Australia. The user simply needs to text the pump (which has its own SIM card and mobile number) ‘start’ and it starts! Stopping operation is just as easy with a simple text command of ‘stop’ and the pump shuts off!

An added benefit to the Remote Start Firefighter® system is that heat sensors can be positioned around the area you wish to protect. When heat from the approaching fire is detected the pump will automatically switch on, the Remote Start Firefighter® pump will then send you a text confirming that the pump has been activated.

The Remote Start Firefighter® has the ability to be used for protection against fire threats during the peak of the bushfire season and then is able to be repurposed during the cooler months for applications such as remote water transfer, and water tank top ups. Proving that it truly is a system that can be utilised all year round, in many different applications.

The optional mobility kit converts the Remote Start Firefighter® from a stationary pump unit into a portable one, making it easy to move around for any water pumping task on your property.

Want to learn how you can guarantee your peace of mind? Learn more at: davey.com.au