Climate change roundtable to guide our farming future

The Victorian Government has convened a Roundtable to explore how Victoria’s agribusiness and primary producers can best continue to work at adapting to a hotter and drier climate.

The Roundtable brings together farmers, scientists, commodity experts and industry leaders to explore future agricultural research and development opportunities, and other adaptation measures to address this global challenge.

Changes in the frequency and severity of droughts, floods, heat waves and severe storms are of particular concern to Victorian farmers and other key players throughout the food and fibre supply chain.

Our farmers are already adapting to the impacts of climate change on their farms and many will be highlighted at this Roundtable.

Farmers are innovative and professional and are using a variety of new techniques to improve farming practices, such as reduced tillage on their land.

The Victorian Government supports a comprehensive response to the complex effects of climate change and these must be considered together with other factors that affect agricultural production.

These include changes in farming practices, technology and global commodity prices.

The Government continues to support our agricultural sector in becoming more resilient in a changing climate.

Adapting to the impacts of climate change will ensure our economy, community and environment can continue to thrive.