Choosing the right petrol lawnmower

Choosing the right petrol lawnmower

honda-lawnmower3Ideal for larger lawns and cutting thick grass, petrol mowers are the most popular choice because of their power, versatility and ease of use. They typically cut through a wider amount of grass on each pass, making mowing much faster. They also last longer than other types of mowers, with a full tank of fuel giving you a longer cutting time than battery or hand mowers.

Less efficient two-stroke engines have largely been phased out in favour of more fuel-efficient 4-Stroke engines. With 4-Stroke technology you can avoid fuel mixing, experience less emissions and more fuel economy, and with Honda you’re guaranteed a product that starts first time, every time. It’s important to replace or refresh your mower’s fuel each month as well as regularly lubricate and tune the mower’s parts. Make sure you buy a pair of earmuffs too.

In choosing a petrol mower, there are push mowers, self-propelled, and ride-on mowers. Unless your lawn is more than 1000m2, a push mower is your best bet. If you don’t fancy a rake you could opt for a mower with a catcher or one that mulches (chops up the cuttings, pushing them into the turf, where they decompose, feeding the soil).

Honda’s HRU19K1 and HRU19M1 Buffalo Buck mowers feature all the benefits of Honda’s superior engine technology at an affordable price and are on sale from $799†. Honda has a range of 4-Stroke lawnmowers to suit everyone’s needs.

To view the full range on offer visit or visit your local dealer.

†Savings based on RRP $899 for HRU19K1 and RRP$939 for HRU19M1. Offer ends 31/03/17 or while stocks last.

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