Chain Harrow Series 09

Chain Harrow Series 09

The Series 09 Chain Harrow is a multipurpose tool and an important element in pasture maintenance.

Versatile in its own right as a means of spreading organic matter and leveling seedbeds, Murray Chain Harrows are beneficial in strip grazed pasture situations and a useful adjunct to efficient harvesting of clover seed by vacuum harvesters.

Ideal in direct drilling operations, Murray Chain Harrows are effective in spreading and gently levelling the soil after the important final operation of seeding.

Three depths of chain sections are available – 0.76m (2’6”) , 1.5m (5’ ) and 2.28m (7’6”) , with each providing a different level of aggression and pulverization to suit individual requirements.

Chain sections are available in 6 convenient widths between 1.52m (5’ ) and 6.09m (20’ ).


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