Central Gippsland irrigation funding

The Victorian Government is investigating ways to ensure agriculture in central Gippsland has a strong and resilient future.

Victorian Minister for Water Lisa Neville announced $500,000 for a study to scope potential development of further irrigation in the region.

The feasibility study will examine potential infrastructure options for expanding irrigation development in Central Gippsland – based on customer demand and willingness to invest, and water availability.

The study builds on pre-feasibility work undertaken by Southern Rural Water in 2018 to identify potential development opportunities in the Latrobe, Thomson, Macalister and Avon catchments.

Once complete, the study will assist informed decision making for any future strategic investment in rural water infrastructure.

Key stakeholders will help identify preferred infrastructure options based on demand and water availability.

Southern Rural Water will conduct the study and Gippsland communities will have an opportunity to provide their feedback and expertise in helping shape the work.

The work will feed into the Government’s Sustainable Water Strategy to be conducted over the next twelve months in Central Victoria including Gippsland – which is a regular examination of the water resource and its management in a given region.

The study aligns with the objectives in Water for Victoria, the Governments water plan, to support regional development, invest in infrastructure and help irrigation districts adapt to a drier climate.

The farm gate value of Gippsland’s food is $1.5 billion a year with the industry generating more than 16,000 jobs.

Source: Vic Government