Bunker Edger/Sprinkler Cutter for dual purpose use

Bunker Edger/Sprinkler Cutter for dual purpose use

MowMasters new all in one, Bunker Edger / Sprinkler Cutter is the newest innovation in a long line of unique MowMaster turf maintenance equipment.

The all in one Bunker Edger / Sprinkler Cutter was designed for dual purpose use. It also eliminated 2 already designated machines that MowMaster produce. This is an extremely heavy duty product with unequalled cutting capabilities and performance. It can cut a bunker face up to 175mm with an option of 215mm and when used as a sprinkler cutter can cut up to 300mm diameter, with great precision and total control.

As an edger this machine is superbly balanced, and at only 19.5kg the operator can easily tackle any bunker contour or delicate bunker shapes. As a sprinkler cutter, it is so easy! The operator simply places the cutter over the sprinkler and adjusts the depth to suit. The machine can be left at the same depth when transporting from job to job.

The machine can also be used as a line trimmer, and utilises the standard trimmer head that the Honda power unit is supplied with. This gives a wider usage for commercial or even residential contractor situations.

The all in one Bunker Edger / Sprinkler Cutter has a solid one piece frame with only one moving component. The operator handle is adjustable and interchangeable; running 3 silicone filled puncture proof pneumatic wheels with quality sealed ball bearings, this beauty is built to last!

The unit is powered by a standard Honda UMK435 trimmer boasting the latest in Honda’s ultra-compact, lightweight, 4-Stroke engines, the UMK435 delivers superb power and more torque than ever before.

It does this via a Generation II, GX35 mini 4-stroke engine, proving yet again that Honda leads the world in revolutionary engine technology. Together with MowMasters engineering and Hondas technology, you cannot go past this multipurpose tool.

MowMasters Bunker Edger / Sprinkler Cutter® was a finalist of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition for the OEM category.

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