Biosecurity program to help protect livestock sector

Peri-urban farmers are set to benefit from a new biosecurity program being run by Livestock Health and Biosecurity Victoria (LHBV), an extension program of the Victorian Farmers Federation Livestock Group.

The program will, over the next three years, increase the participation of peri-urban livestock producers by providing practical information and support for animal health and biosecurity practices in peri-urban areas.

VFF Livestock Group President Leonard Vallance said the farmer group wanted to protect Victoria’s $6.2 billion livestock sector by improving Victoria’s biosecurity status, livestock traceability and reduce the risk of an emergency animal disease outbreak.

“Victoria’s dairy, beef, sheep meat and wool industries are worth billions of dollars, and it’s vital to educate peri-urban producers on their regulatory obligations and best-practice livestock management if we are to protect this commercial sector,” Mr Vallance said.

Peri-urban regions are forecast to grow by around 45.3 per cent by 2031, with the biosecurity program to involve additional livestock project officers working in regional centres surrounding the Hume corridor and metro and regional Victoria.

The project is funded through a grant from the Sheep and Goat Compensation Fund, industry money that is allocated to programs that benefit the livestock industries.

Source: VFF