Belt Linisher powered by Honda GX200 engine

Belt Linisher powered by Honda GX200 engine

Michael has developed a tool to fill a gap in the market, based on his needs for portable and reasonably powered belt linisher/sander.
The main use of the belt linisher is finishing, deburring, stock removal and cleaning of various metals, plastic and timber – similar to electrically powered belt linishers currently on the market; the benefit of being powered by the Honda GX200 is that the linisher has more power enabling it to be more effective in removing and shaping different materials.

With the usability being truly based around the machines portability there is no longer a need for the user to carry around a generator for their electrical powered linisher (taking up valuable space in the back of the Ute or van). Michael has been able to develop a mount on the tailgate of his ute that secures the linisher whilst in operation. It is also possible to have the linisher mounted to a portable drop saw bench if necessary.

This is designed to suit a wide range of professional service men and tradesman including but not limited to farriers, farmers, diesel mechanics and welders doing onsite repairs and installations.

Michael Smyth’s Belt Linisher® was a finalist of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition for the public category.

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