Autumn pest animal baiting program

Having an autumn baiting program is generally part of a well-planned pest animal management program for many producers and land managers.

Agriculture Victoria is reminding all users of 1080 pest animal bait products of the possible risks to non-target animals.

Bait products containing 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) is one tool used to control foxes, wild dogs and other pest animals that can have a destructive impact on biodiversity, native animals and livestock.

In order to achieve effective pest animal management, it is important for all landholders work together to implement a range of integrated control methods in line with best practice.

Agriculture Victoria Statewide Specialist in Chemicals, Alex Perera said the supply of 1080 products is regulated in Australia and they can only be used in Victoria by persons who have done specific training and hold a valid permit or licence.

“Users in Victoria are also legally required to follow and comply with the directions for the use of 1080 and PAPP pest animal bait products in Victoria,” Mrs Perera said.

“Dogs and foxes are among the most sensitive species to 1080, so domestic dogs are extremely susceptible to 1080 baits.

“Properly conducted baiting programs provide a safe and effective control option.

“But off-target poisonings of domestic dogs can occur when users do not notify their neighbours or fail to erect signs at entry points to areas where baits have been laid, which are both legal requirements.”

Notification and signage are specifically aimed at preventing domestic animals from gaining access to 1080, either directly from baits or contaminated carcasses.

Mrs Perera said it gives people the opportunity to take appropriate action and keep their animals safe.

“1080 is an important tool to protect environmental assets and primary production.

“To ensure there is on-going access to these products, bait users must take their responsibilities seriously and always ensure the risks associated with their baiting program are correctly managed,” Mrs Perera said.

For more information on the use of 1080 baits call 136 186 or visit Requirements for using 1080 and PAPP animal bait | Chemicals | Farm management | Agriculture Victoria.

Source: Agriculture Victoria